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I'm currently working on a personal project, a sapphic + martial arts comic called Onti!You can read public chapters on, Tapas or Webtoon and support me on my Patreon for behind the scenes and early access to upcoming pagesThemes - Action / Fantasy / Comedy-Drama / Sapphic
Onti is about Keisha, Aariyah and Jaylin, characters who reside in a fictional city called Ocho; Their largely peaceful life of leisure, hanging out and martial arts training is interrupted by their individual work-life responsibilities and increasing instances of people using their Elemental abilities in abnormally powerful ways to cause trouble.


I've worked on a few Indie comic projects for a few different clientele!
Examples below are works / snippets of the works I've done.


- Payment taken upfront through PayPaI/Stripe invoice or Ko-Fi + Prices are in GBP
- I DON'T accept work intended for NFT/Crypto/Blockchain use and
commissions may NOT be used for this purpose.
- Please be sure to check the brief terms on the form and full terms below!

• Inquiries and Status - Ko-Fi Purchase
Email: [email protected]
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Coloured Sketch Comms
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Character Drawings


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Commission Terms & Boring (but important) Info

Terms - Last Revised 11Nov22I DON'T accept:
• Work intended for use in NFTs, Crypto, the Blockchain or anything related to that.
• Advanced / Rush Fee commissions
- Please don't request a commission if you're not ready to pay.
• Freelance work through commission forms
- Please contact me professionally via email for those.
• Prepare references and be specific!
• I reserve the right to decline a commission.

Pricing/Payment• Prices are in £/GBP (Great British Pounds)
• I will send a PayPal or Stripe invoice for Payment if you didn’t request through Ko-Fi - Commissions won't be started until they're paid in full
• Price may vary depending on complexity
• Multiple revisions (including any revisions after completion) may incur an additional charge.
• Commissions are non-refundable unless I'm unable to fulfil the commission
• Once the commission(s) is complete, any credit is highly appreciated!
• I reserve the right to decline a commission request if you tip only with intent to commission.

Regarding Apparel & Commercial Stuff• All commissioned work may of course be used for Non-Commercial use (avatars, banners, icons etc) and Commercial use (monetised videos and streams, but NOT Merch);
• If you intend to use commissioned work for Merch purposes, please specify this in the commission request for a quote or get back in touch at any time following commission completion!
• Quotes vary per client / piece.

Other info, Turnaround, Legal tings ‘n dat• Turnaround time is 1 month where possible, but may be affected by other projects / commissions.
• I'll send sketches + updates as frequently as necessary
• When commissioning me you agree that the work is being used solely for the purpose communicated, that I retain rights to the work (check Apparel & Commercial for more info) and I can post it to social media for self promotion / to my portfolio, and that unless otherwise communicated, I can potentially stream the process to my Twitch channel.
• Please do not alter or copy the final work in any way
• I will only send the necessary files for the purpose purchased; You'll only receive full resolution images (for Twitch work) if a merch fee was purchased.
Thank you!

My name is Natalie (she/they), and I'm a Black British-Caribbean artist from the UK.
I enjoy doing storytelling and character driven work, and I'm currently working on a webcomic involving my characters called Onti
Other hobbies and skills of mine include capoeira, gaming, animating and making music in my spare time.

• Summerfall Studios - Backer Exclusive Comic (2023)
• Nottingham Trent University School of Art & Design - BA (Hons) Animation (2017 - 2020)
• Birmingham Ormiston Academy for Games Development & New Media (2015 - 2017)

EMAIL // [email protected]